AKA “Don’t Hate On No-Follow Links”

I found this video back when I was working on SoMeGurus and thought I would share it with you.  That old youtube channel will be used to sell off some old inventory from a store I had in college, but I digress to the tip of the day if you will.

With social relevance becoming more and more important to search rankings it’s increasing important to engage with your customers and frankly with your competitors.  Even if there’s no “google juice” to be shared, you can accomplish a few different things by commenting and linking –

  1. Some of the biggest referrers to my website are from comments on other people’s blogs that no-follow.  So it’s a good Traffic Source
  2. It may offer up some networking like opportunities from building these relationship.
  3. It might increase your overall social profile
  4. Lastly, it’ll help you – (gotta watch the video for the tip!)

So by  being selfish and not interacting with others you’re limiting your overall traffic!


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