What Irma Revealed About The Future of Google SERPS

During the latest hurricane there were a lot of lesson to learn.   All of the lessons could be encapsulated into one word “preparedness.”  I covered this a tiny bit on our first episode of the 4rd Marketing Podcast, where we covered how to be “future proof” vs google’s constant shifting SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) and algorithmic changes.   In light of that episode, there’s some changes that I think Google made for the public good but just might have shown their hand so to speak.   So during and in the aftermath of the storms, here’s What Irma Revealed About The Future of Google SERPS. (more…)

New Digital Marketing Podcast

4rd Marketing PodcastI’m very excited to announce the launch of my new podcast, “4rd Marketing Podcast.”  The podcast designed to move your business forward (4rd).  It shares the name with my new marketing company.  I made the announcement on Linkedin last week but it’s now official.  I’ll still be helping family and friends and do commercial real estate but I’m stepping down from my residential real estate business and doing what I love full time… that is Digital Marketing.  I’ll still be bringing tips and tactics to you (maybe even at a better pace) but now that I’ll be doing it full time I’ll be covering more ground, which is why I wanted to launch the podcast. (more…)

Nextdoor Guide For Businesses

Nextdoor Guide For Businesses

Nextdoor Guide For BusinessesWhen Nextdoor came on the scene it arrived as an awkward “tweener” social media site that seemed to be a replacement for home owner association websites and now has grown into full fledged platform.  Because of that I wanted to bring you the Nextdoor Guide For Businesses.  Hopefully, we’ve seen enough of in the past few years that 2 things are true for businesses.

  1. The way we do business MUST change
  2. Job security is in taking care of friends and family (Referred to as “mets” in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent). 

That’s why today we’re talking about Nextdoor.   When you approach Nextdoor go in it knowing you’ll going to have to be an ambassador or mayor.  This mindset will help you move forward.

Note: Set Up 2 Accounts

Personal “Ambassador” Account

The Nextdoor Login experience sets you up immediately for something different.  What do you mean I have to verify my address?  Just like most good local directories, Nextdoor requires you to verify your address (and your business phone number).

Once you set up your profile notice what you can do.  My recommendation is to make this profile as “human” as you can and less “salesy” but not totally without mentioning that you are a business owner.  With social media, people love PASSION, they don’t love salesly.  Find the balance and post without worry.

The first thing you’ll notice is the feed.  Your feed will tell you how active your area is or not.  Look at your feed as an opportunity to be an ambassador for your neighborhood (without the hassle of joining your HOA).


Recommend Yourself on Nextdoor*


The second thing you should look at is “RECOMMENDED.”  Go ahead and start to look for your company.  If you set up a Google My business page to go after Local SEO then you’ll likely be there.   Go ahead and recommend yourself, it’ll be the first one you likely receive.  I know some may frown on this advice (it’s actually against Nextdoor’s TOS) but make it clear that you’re “liking yourself”. – the reason you are doing this is not to give yourself a recommendation, it’s to help you find yourself later.

Being recommended is a lot like a referral or a link from another website.  Nextdoor does a good job of trying to keep you where you belong and not allow you into the noise of all the other neighborhoods.  To understand what I’m talking about, take a look at any of they “city name” yardsale groups on facebook.  Inevitably, you’ll get people posting on there that have no business being there.    This is great if you’re a person who loves their neighborhood, but not so good for your business.

So by getting recommended by as many people as possible you open your business up to these networks.

Business Account – Claim Your Business

Next You’ll want to look for the “claim your business” button and claim your business.  It will look through the businesses that are listed and you want to look for the one that you recommended.   This is the whole reason you liked yourself.  In my case, I had multiple businesses pop up and by recommending myself it was much easier.  I hate that this is against TOS but it was the easiest way for me to find myself.  This is important because now you’ll likely get access to a neighborhood near your office and the one in your neighborhood.

Immediately, I’d call your top 5 clients and ask for recommendations on here, particularly in neighborhoods you want to get business.  The real opportunity is getting the recommendations from your clients in other areas which opens up your business to new opportunities, quite literally.  Nextdoor For Business

With only 2 recommendations I cover 92 neighborhoods.   Nextdoor is quickly becoming another site that you want to get reviews on.  Making online reputation management important and more complicated.

3 Marketing Tips For Businesses On Nextdoor.com

1.  Send Out Invites

You can invite your neighbors to join Nextdoor.   Everyone you invite (varying amounts depending on how much you actually invite) gets a post card with your name on it.  If you’re a real estate agent this could be good name recognition.

2.  Socialize

You have the ability to go “socialize” outside your immediate neighborhood.  If you live in a rural area this might not be a good thing but if you live in a cluster of neighborhoods where your customers live, it’s a great way to interact.   Unlike facebook you don’t have to be friends to communicate.  

3.  Host An Event

Hold an open house if you’re a realtor or throw a seminar.  My rule of thumb is I ask, “does this add value to people who attend?”  If so, why not create an event and invite your neighbors!

Nextdoor Glossary

Here’s a quick definition guide of what you’ll find inside of Nextdoor.com

  • Home – takes you to the main feed.  (Could include other neighborhoods).
  • Neighborhood – Takes you to the subsection of the neighborhood feed.
  • Map – Shows you what your neighborhood boundaries are.  Leads, have the options of including or asking to change these.
  •  Recommendations – where you go to make recommendations for businesses or look for recommended businesses. 
  • Classifieds – for the most part this looks just like the yardsale groups on facebook, but you do occassionally see someone promoting their services.
  • Free Items – Stuff you don’t want.
  •  Events – Ideally this is used to promote neighborhood events like a year end party, but you could also promote a seminar or something that your business is doing.  
  • Real Estate – See real estate around the area.  This is a new advertising option for real estate agents.
  • Crime & Safety – A list of stuff going on.  Kind of like a neighborhood watch forum.
  • Lost & Found – Ever see someone post on facebook that they lost their dog?  This is just like that for your neighbors.
  • Documents – Documents for the HOA or for the savvy business owner, your local newsletter.
  • General – Catch All.  When you don’t know where to post something, general is it.
  • pet directory nextdoorPet Directory – Pet Lovers unite and list their animals.  Might be the most brilliant “growth hack” I’ve seen on social media.
  • Neighbors – You get access to your neighbors with options to message them.  No, you don’t have to be friends.  Don’t Abuse. 
  • Nearby Leads – These are people who got onto the platform first and then agreed to help foster the growth.
  • Public Agencies – List of places like the police or library.
  • Groups – Got a bunco group or a fantasy football league you want to manage, you could do it here.



Future Of Real Estate 2017 | What Should Realtors Do?

Future Of Real Estate 2017 | What Should Realtors Do?

With Redfin’s new IPO and recent news of Keller Williams announcing a $1 Billion tech fund, you could be wondering what is the future for tech savvy real estate agents?  You’d be right to have concern if you’ve been following the popular tech advice for the last 15 years.  If you’re renting leads and platforms from zillow, cinc, and boomtown then sure, your world is going to change in the next few years.  These platforms are great and they disrupted the online ppc (SEM) game, but they are not game changers for real estate long term.


First let’s examine what Redfin is doing.  They are trying to reduce the “mundane” of real estate.   From the experience I’ve seen so far from Redfin they are doing some very innovative things and at the same time they are realizing there’s something missing.  Even stating in their recent Inman post, “there’s no replacement for a 10pm phone call about a transaction.”   (I could easily go on why that call should never happen but I won’t).

Some are calling them the Amazon of real estate but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  They are getting into mortgages, this is something that EVERY brokerage should be doing.  In many cases a mortgage company can make 7%+ on each transaction, meanwhile real estate commission averages for an agent have been steady at 2.8% for that last 20 years.  You can easily see that if Redfin can at least lend on half of their own deals they will finally be profitable.

Redfin IPO VS Zillow

Keller Williams

What about Keller Williams?  On the other end of the spectrum you have the country’s largest brokerage trying to combat this news.  It’ll be interesting to see what they will do.  They’ve had 20 years to distrupt the real estate industry and they’ve manage to flip the broker model (really recycle it) and so mission accomplished there.  However, KW’s weakness has always been technology, whether it was poorly planned partnerships with website providers or half-finished document soluttions, KW continues to fail… in the eyes of the tech world.

The Sad News…  KW is a tech leader relative to real estate.    Comparing KW to Redfin and other startups is like comparing AOL to Google.  That’s how far off the tech is.  However, if you were to ask about Remax or Coldwell Banker you’d find that’s like talking about Myspace.   Complete universes apart in what they do.

With their current leadership (strong in personal leadership, weak in technology) I don’t see how they are going to bridge the gap, but $1 Billion is a great start.

What About The Real Estate Agent?

In this changing world, what should an agent do?  There’s a “shiny nickel” salesman that will call you every day if you’re a real estate agent so it’s tough.  Personal referral real estate will continue as it always has.  Before MLS’ there were personal relationships and pocket listings and those relationships will still be here long after KW closes it’s last office.      Any agent wanting to stay relevant in the next decade is going to have to double down on personal relationships.

What’s actually being disrupted is online lead generation.

Luckily for tech savvy agents, there’s hope!  Agents that want to remain relevant from 2017 on, are going to have to be market experts but not in secret.  They need to take a page out of a recent post by Gary Vaynerchuk.

There is ZERO excuse not to be creating content around your brand, your product, your service or your business. If you don’t have something to say, document it. It’s the advice I give to my entire community. Create a podcast, start a blog, do a Q&A show. All of it works.Gary Vaynerchuk

Get passionate about something.  That’s actually why I transitioned out of residential real estate.  I wasn’t passionate about 80% of the business.  I’m with Redfin, let’s remove this drudgery.  In the coming weeks I’ll be talking about how you can as a real estate agent amplify your voice, but the key is to do this where your clients are.   If you want to go after blogging, I posted the keys to SEO and picking a niche previously and you should read that.  However you don’t have to be an SEO genius for this to work.

Go out and buy Tribes, by Seth Godin and start building your real estate tribe… that’s how you can survive.   There’s not a single company out there that is going to do something to protect you.  If you want to protect your business you have to get a gardener mentality.  If you nurture your crops (your family, friends and past clients) then you’ll continue to eat great fruit, but if you’re chasing leads, you’re going to miss it.

Please understand what I’m saying here.  The sky is not falling but an “IDX website” is not the key to what is looming ahead.   Being an outspoken leader about your expertise in real estate and helping your Tribe is.   So yes, learn SEO, but not for “homes for sale” learn SEO so you can optimize your voice and be found.

3 Leadership Traits Every SEO Should Have

3 Leadership Traits Every SEO Should Have

As I work with small business owners and thought leaders in doing SEO and Digital Marketing work I am learning a great many leadership lessons.

Clear Vision

In order to do effective SEO, I need to know what my client’s ultimate goals are.  I need to have a big picture vision of what they really want long term.  SEO is a long term play and although it’s constantly changing what you do matters in 30-60-90 day increments.  If the client lacks clarity it’s my job to help them get clarity around their own goals.  What’s surprising is that so many entrepreneurs lack clarity around a specific vision.  This does explain why so few have websites that perform well.  In fact, one leadership blog says, Clarity is the antidote to fear.  It’s this lack of clarity and fear of the unknown that I think paralyzes entrepreneurs.

A website is a reflection of the vision of the leader of the organization’s online strategy.

In fact, the best projects for me are the ones where the leaders have a clarity around their purpose.  It reminds me of “Start with Why.”  When organizations know why they exist they are better able to articulate the what and the how.  For an SEO, it helps create content that engages, attracts and influences others around the brand vs a “sales” letter.  Whether it’s on-page optimization or simply doing Local SEO, we’re creating content (in different forms).

Great content leads people to make decisions, not simply buy.

Collaboration and Engagement

It’s not just the content that needs to engage, it’s the SEO.  Ultimately, for me to be the most effective I need to understand as much as possible the team dynamic I’m working with.  Nothing frustrates me more than doing a lot of work only to have to go back and redo it because there was a lack of communication.  For the team, there’s nothing more frustrating to be working on a project and realize what you are doing is hindering them.  So much of SEO overlaps into other disciplines.

A good SEO is someone who might have a little programming background and a little design background.  While they have to have a deep understanding of SEO, often “jack of all trades” make good SEO.  Because of this ability to be able to communicate with teams with different specialties and hence personalities, they need to take a leadership role.  This does not mean they need to take over, rarely is an SEO in an organizational position that would allow that.  They need to be, what John Maxwell calls, a 360 degree leader.  That means they are taking initiative and leading in communication and serving the team, not necessarily telling people what to do.

Integrity & Responsibility

That brings me to one aspect of leadership that I wasn’t ready for.  Responsibility.  As a content marketer, I craft content that CAN influence.  It’s important as an industry that we take responsibility for what content we create.   The methods we can use to help a website are so well documented there’s even niche’s inside of niches.  For example, there are websites devoted to nearly illegal SEO activities called “Black Hat.”  When you dissect these activities most of them could be ‘white hat’ under the right circumstance.  Which is why I put these two together.  As SEOs, we must take responsibility for the success of the online strategy of an organization and perform our jobs with integrity.    Lest you think only slimy “black hatters” do bad SEO, check out JCPenny