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Sales Is The Art Of Leadership

By Joshua Jarvis | Leadership

At Jarvis Team Realty, we’re hiring.  It’s funny when you interview candidates for a sales position you get all kinds of interpretations of the job.   In particular, the most common response is that sales is a necessary evil and sometimes a 5 letter “curse” word.  It’s sad that there’s so many people who look at sales in this manner.

Sales is the art of leadership.  Continue reading

How A Conductor Teaches Us Leadership

By Joshua Jarvis | Leadership

I was reading Michael Hyatt‘s blog today regarding “8 Leadership Lessons from a Symphony Conductor” and I really enjoyed the post so much so that I thought I would “reblog” it here.  I’m going to add my own 2 cents in this lesson, all credit though is due to Michael Hyatt.

  1. The conductor has a plan.  -Not only do they have a plan, it’s a written plan, and rehearsed (over and over and over again).  Most young leaders look toward the energy and passion of a conductor and forget he’s following a very systematic, methodical, practiced plan.
  2. The conductor recruits the best players.  The conductor recruits the best from his players – The conductor’s job is to make sure each player knows their specific gifted role and leads them in unison together to play their best.  It’s a combination of coach and quarterback in one.  A great leader has to be both. Continue reading

How to Control Your Emotions

By Joshua Jarvis | Leadership

Roller Coasters are a lot of fun.  They make you feel like you are flying at times, losing your stomach at times, being crushed and the rush is exillerating.  The problem is that roller coasters were always meant for recreation, not as something that should control you.

See if you let your emotions control you, you are just like those roller coasters.  Sure it’s fun, when you are high it’s amazing but the part that really hurts is the bottom on the hill, you know on a coaster that’s the part that feels like you were crushed – same thing in life.  Continue reading

Why Searching For A Home Is A Pain

By Joshua Jarvis | Real Estate

You don’t care.

There I said.  You don’t care enough about your home search, don’t realize the gravity of the decision (a six or even seven figure decision) or maybe it’s ignorance, but I’m guessing you just don’t care… at least not enough.  On top of all that, the real estate industry doesn’t care either.   Here’s what I am talking about on why searching for a home is a pain.

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How To Be A Ladies Man – Love Like Gollum

By Joshua Jarvis | God

It’s an odd “analogy” and one I cannot take credit for.  Sitting in a chair at Victory: Hamilton Mill Church I listen as Pastor Johnson Bowie says,

“You could look like Gollum and if you valued women the way God wants you to, you’d be fighting them off with a stick”

He was specifically addressing single guys at this point.  However, his comment made me think more about this analogy.Continue reading

LinkedIn Is Great But Confusing

By Joshua Jarvis | Digital Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the best websites on the planet, it’s the only one focused on business networking and it lets you have a nice resume and for those reasons I think it’s great.

My confusion comes in when I hear about the CEO writing a book about “The Startup of You” and using LinkedIn as an example of the things we should be able to do.  In theory, I love the idea of groups and using LinkedIn for communication and building communities and some of the new direction LinkedIn is going, but it’s unfortunately poorly implemented.Continue reading

The Greatest Leadership Challenge

By Joshua Jarvis | Leadership

Most business owners would agree that their primary responsibility is to generate sales or opportunities for their company to succeed.  This may be their primary function but it’s not their greatest challenge.

I’ve found as a business owner that my biggest challenge is not generating leads or opportunities.  My overall greatest challenge is leadership.  It’s an ongoing skill that needs to be constantly honed and re-evaluated.Continue reading

It’s Not About Me

By Joshua Jarvis | Leadership

I just updated my “About” page and I thought I’d share my story.

Here’s an excerpt:

During college I searched all over the for the only Truth that is known.  At this time I didn’t really find it but I did find Sythan.  This one person (my wife) taught me more about love, compassion and life in general than any other person I know.    Fast forward almost 11 years and we’re married with 2 kids.  We attended a class atVictory World Church called Married4Ever because I thought at that time I was going to teach this class (big ole’ lol).  It was here that I learned that I truly had “fire insurance” but no real relationship with Jesus and that by putting him first and Sythan 2nd in my life, things would begin to make sense.  This was not a fast process, but it has definitely been worthwhile.

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