Heroic Experience

HElogoBack in February we had Heroic Event and wanted to share with you the experience.
Not a single person told me it was a good event…
Are you kidding me? I can’t think of an event outside of a spiritual setting that has received this kind of feedback.
Finally, can I tell you a story? (more…)

Only Fools Rush In

jerichoI’d say it’s the story of my life if it weren’t so cliche’ but the honest truth is that I’ve spent a good bit of my adulthood rushing into ideas to get them started.  Sometimes I credited God with the idea especially lately, but it seems that the lesson of “wait on Me” is certainly one that will take a lot of time to learn.

What happens so often is I get an “inkling” of an idea.  I feel like God is leading me here, then I take off and run headfirst into the idea, usually without a plan.   It really wasn’t until Heroic Event that I really waited on Him.   I figure, He says, go and conquer, so I must go and conquer.  Can you imagine if my namesake (Joshua) did this in the battle of Jericho?  What if they only marched once?  Disastrous!  If you know anything about the story of the battle of Jericho, then you know that the walls were so high and thick that it was basically a road around the top of the city. (more…)

Sales Is The Art Of Leadership

At Jarvis Team Realty, we’re hiring.  It’s funny when you interview candidates for a sales position you get all kinds of interpretations of the job.   In particular, the most common response is that sales is a necessary evil and sometimes a 5 letter “curse” word.  It’s sad that there’s so many people who look at sales in this manner.

Sales is the art of leadership.   (more…)

How A Conductor Teaches Us Leadership

How A Conductor Teaches Us Leadership

I was reading Michael Hyatt‘s blog today regarding “8 Leadership Lessons from a Symphony Conductor” and I really enjoyed the post so much so that I thought I would “reblog” it here.  I’m going to add my own 2 cents in this lesson, all credit though is due to Michael Hyatt.

  1. The conductor has a plan.  -Not only do they have a plan, it’s a written plan, and rehearsed (over and over and over again).  Most young leaders look toward the energy and passion of a conductor and forget he’s following a very systematic, methodical, practiced plan.
  2. The conductor recruits the best players.  The conductor recruits the best from his players – The conductor’s job is to make sure each player knows their specific gifted role and leads them in unison together to play their best.  It’s a combination of coach and quarterback in one.  A great leader has to be both.  (more…)
How to Control Your Emotions

How to Control Your Emotions

Roller Coasters are a lot of fun.  They make you feel like you are flying at times, losing your stomach at times, being crushed and the rush is exillerating.  The problem is that roller coasters were always meant for recreation, not as something that should control you.

See if you let your emotions control you, you are just like those roller coasters.  Sure it’s fun, when you are high it’s amazing but the part that really hurts is the bottom on the hill, you know on a coaster that’s the part that feels like you were crushed – same thing in life.   (more…)