Adding Videos To Your LinkedIn Profile

This year has been one of many changes for LinkedIn, but this latest one is a good one in my opinion.   You now have the ability to “endorse” others and to add a bunch of other information to your profile that you couldn’t otherwise.  However, for the longest time the only way to put a video on your profile was through a “hack” by using the slideshare plugin.


Now you can add your videos pretty simply.  There is no trick to Adding Videos To Your LinkedIn Profile, in fact, adding youtube videos is very easy.

You simply need to login into Linkedin.

Click on your Profile

Click on Edit

Then click the square with the plus sign

You’ll have an option to: “Add a link to a video, image, document, presentation..”

Paste your Youtube Video Link or other link.

That’s It!

Once done you’ll see your video like the image above.


LinkedIn Is Great But Confusing

LinkedIn Is Great But Confusing

LinkedIn is one of the best websites on the planet, it’s the only one focused on business networking and it lets you have a nice resume and for those reasons I think it’s great.

My confusion comes in when I hear about the CEO writing a book about “The Startup of You” and using LinkedIn as an example of the things we should be able to do.  In theory, I love the idea of groups and using LinkedIn for communication and building communities and some of the new direction LinkedIn is going, but it’s unfortunately poorly implemented. (more…)

4 Ways Your Selfishness Limits Your Traffic

AKA “Don’t Hate On No-Follow Links”

I found this video back when I was working on SoMeGurus and thought I would share it with you.  That old youtube channel will be used to sell off some old inventory from a store I had in college, but I digress to the tip of the day if you will.

With social relevance becoming more and more important to search rankings it’s increasing important to engage with your customers and frankly with your competitors.  Even if there’s no “google juice” to be shared, you can accomplish a few different things by commenting and linking – (more…)

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Rely On Company Provided Websites

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Rely On Company Provided Websites

If you work for a financial or real estate company chances are you get a company website.  In fact, they might even offer it to you as a bonus!   I mean what could be better than not have to pay for your own website.   Please don’t share this with your boss, but you probably need your own website and I’ll tell you why in this blog post!

For this blog I reviewed some of the top company sites that offer templated sites or “profile” sites for their employee/members/contractors.  The companies we reviewed were Keller Williams Realty, Remax, Edward Jones, State Farm, AllState to name a few.  Some sites were so convoluted that it was hard for us to even use (Prudential).