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By Joshua Jarvis | Digital Marketing

4rd Marketing PodcastI’m very excited to announce the launch of my new podcast, “4rd Marketing Podcast.”  The podcast designed to move your business forward (4rd).  It shares the name with my new marketing company.  I made the announcement on Linkedin last week but it’s now official.  I’ll still be helping family and friends and do commercial real estate but I’m stepping down from my residential real estate business and doing what I love full time… that is Digital Marketing.  I’ll still be bringing tips and tactics to you (maybe even at a better pace) but now that I’ll be doing it full time I’ll be covering more ground, which is why I wanted to launch the podcast.

After years of generating business for my real estate business and answering a ton of questions, doing conferences and teaching in the office I taught it would be fun and rewarding to do a digital marketing podcast for small business and entrepreneurs.   While I won’t always talk directly to real estate agents, I will be covering different marketing techniques that any small business can use

The podcast is going to cover SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Online Reputation Management, and more all aimed at helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business.  Each episode “should” be actionable.  Meaning, you could listen to it and then go out and do one the tactics I’m showing you.  Here’s a sample.



Please post your questions, critiques below (or you can contact me) and let me know what would make this worth listening to for you.

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