Real Estate Year In Review

realestateAs we do at the end of the year it’s time to review the year and from my perspective I’ve learned quite a bit about real estate in general, here’s my year in review for real estate.

Real Estate is Always Mostly A Good Investment with the Right Mindset

Well not always, but if you buy with the investor mindset it’s really hard to do something wrong in real estate.  This basically applies to homes that in the median or below price points (not luxury). (more…)

Why Searching For A Home Is A Pain

Why Searching For A Home Is A Pain

You don’t care.

There I said.  You don’t care enough about your home search, don’t realize the gravity of the decision (a six or even seven figure decision) or maybe it’s ignorance, but I’m guessing you just don’t care… at least not enough.  On top of all that, the real estate industry doesn’t care either.   Here’s what I am talking about on why searching for a home is a pain.