Joshua Jarvis

How To Lighten Your Burden And Accept The Easy Yoke

The last post we talked about the famous “my yoke is easy” and how burdens make us their servants. However, how do you get free of those burdens?  How do you lighten your load?  In our last post, we talked about what a yoke is, it’s a heavy influential burden.    Many times we choose to be influenced by circumstance or others.  It’s not a conscious decision but when you find yourself worrying about something, you’ve made the decision to worry.    You’ve burdened yourself. I wrestled with this verse for the last 20 years.  God says I’m worthy, spotless and clean thanks to Jesus.  However, I still want to prove my worth. Every day I wake up sometimes I choose to plow the mud.  However, I’ve learned a few practical things I can do to choose the helium balloons.

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