Anger Is A Horrible Motivator

angry baby head2I know I’m not telling you anything you didn’t know already, but I didn’t really know this.  Most of my life was spent being motivated by anger, or really the root of it was FEAR.  Of course, I’d rather tell you that I was angry than some weenie boy, fearful of the world.  My take is that your life is either being driven by fear or faith.  It might not be overt fear, like fear of snakes.  It’s more likely to be covert fear masked by something, as in my case anger and resentment.

I’ve pretty much always felt like it was me against the world.   Fear and anger don’t always manifest in rage-filled sessions of punching the wall and throwing things.   Let me explain.

In 2002 I got into real estate after being “downsized.”  I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I was getting my real estate license to pass the time while looking for a job and after all, my wife wanted to be a big purple-haired lady and drive a Cadillac (a real estate agent).  I helped one person buy a home a few months later and was hooked… on the money.

In 2006 I was introduced to Keller Williams and a book called the Millionaire Real Estate Agent.  This book talked about how great achievers need a big WHY?  So I did the test.

 Why Real Estate?

To Make Money


To provide for my family


Because if I don’t provide, it puts a strain on the relationship.

Why is that important?

If there’s a strain on the relationship, then there’s a chance I lose the one person who “gets” me and repeat the cycle from my family.

And there it is… FEAR

In 2008, I attended a Married 4 Ever class. ( If you’re in the Atlanta area, you absolutely must come to this, if you are not, we highly recommend Jimmy Evan’s Marriage on the Rock Series. )  The short version is that I learned that having Jesus as the center of my life, all my other relationships would work themselves out. (that’s the really short version).

As I started to do this (and still am) my life shifted from being fear,pride and anger based to being more about love and faith.  No, I’m not talking about rainbows and unicorns and butterflies.  Just a real change.  Notice the why test now.

Why Real Estate?

To Make Money (we’ll cover this another day for those that are keying in on this being a bad motivator too)


Because the solution to the world’s problems aside from learning about Jesus can only be solved via time and money.

Why is this important?

Through loving others and helping them I truly understand Jesus’ love for us.

Now, this is a topic I could ramble on about.  There’s nothing that motivates me more than looking at our business as a vehicle to help people.  That’s exacting and there’s so much more energy in that than there ever was in an anger-filled, “me against the world” attitude.

My question to you, is What motivates you?

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  • Hey Josh, what a great way to get to deeper desires. I actually followed your line of questioning to apply it to my business with renewed vigor as a result. Thanks!

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