Bible In 90 Days Lessons

BibleI recently completed the Bible In 90 Days “plan” from YouVersion.  To be honest it took me 100+ days, but I did finish the entire thing by reading around an hour or two a day.   It was an experience that I will repeat, just not this year.  I recommend every believer do this as soon as possible because…

You See The Context

It was all the more clear when you read 10+ chapters at a time.  You see the entire story unfold.  It’s not a single verse taken out of context and used for some other purpose.  You see God’s call to repentance, to brokenness, you see what carrying the cross means, what giving up your life means, what drinking the blood and eating the flesh mean.   You read entire generational histories in a sitting, entire biographies…

You Hear God Speak

When you read the Word it’s a lot running, working out or the better metaphor is actually talking with someone.  In every example, you need to warm up, have small talk, get the heart rate going.  When you read the Word for this long there’ll be times you’ll say to yourself, “Why is this in here?”  and you’ll literally be drawn to a detail or even hear a voice (sounds like your voice, no burning bushes here) telling you something about the passage you’re reading.  God is a God of details, he loves us like no other, or whatever you happen to find in your reading.

You’ll Know The Truth From The Counterfeit

I really enjoyed The Bible series.  It’s one of the best to come out on the Bible, ever.  It’s “relatively” close to the Bible.  However, I had the priveledge of watching this series while I was reading and I knew, like never before, what was accurate and what wasn’t

Some Of The Begetting Makes Sense

When you read the Bible in this compressed time frame you start to see the names repeat and understand the history that is here, Chronicles isn’t just a lot of begetting, it’s literally family trees being written for us to follow along and trace in many case.




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