Joshua Jarvis

An entrepreneur from an early age, Joshua has started many businesses.  Joshua paid for his education at Georgia Tech by being one of the first “side-hustlers.”  Everything from eBay arbitrage to web design, Joshua did everything online.   During the dot com crash, Joshua got his real estate license and simultaneously opened up an e-commerce website that sold Japanese import items.   As both businesses grew, Joshua sold the e-commerce business to focus on running a more profitable real estate business where he generated over 85% of his clients from online marketing.  With a real estate career that spanned 15 years, Joshua did everything you can think of via technology.   Always an entrepreneur, Joshua created (and recreated) his digital marketing business in different formats through those years.  In addition, Joshua has flipped houses and even tried to run a real estate investment fund.   In 2018, Joshua sold his digital marketing business to work as SEO Director for a local agency and focus on writing.  In 2021, eXp World Holdings hired Joshua as their Director of Enterprise SEO where he flourished working in an agile product led environment.

Joshua’s passion is helping business owners go from success to significance and as such, he founded Heroic Event.  A 501c3 organization that is designed to partner with and equip business owners on making a bigger impact in their community.   This organization does this through events and training.