High Achievers Talk To Themselves

I recently saw a video from a mentor of mine, Seth Campbell (@SethCampbell).  You might not know this guy at all because maybe you aren’t in real estate.  I’ve said this for years, but don’t discount the real estate industry.  It’s a real business and there’s real talent and leadership found in the real estate industry.  Seth could easily be a high level executive or business owner anywhere.

In this video he covers a topic about talking to yourself… your future self.  How a conversation with yourself in 3 years can help change your entire world.  Go from “having and doing” to “being and becoming.”

What I like about this tip is not the self affirmations but rather how he uses this conversation to drive his goals and help him come up with tactical information to achieve his strategic objective.


So what will that conversation look like for you with future self?

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