How to Control Your Emotions


Roller Coasters are a lot of fun.  They make you feel like you are flying at times, losing your stomach at times, being crushed and the rush is exillerating.  The problem is that roller coasters were always meant for recreation, not as something that should control you.

See if you let your emotions control you, you are just like those roller coasters.  Sure it’s fun, when you are high it’s amazing but the part that really hurts is the bottom on the hill, you know on a coaster that’s the part that feels like you were crushed – same thing in life.  

So how do you control your emotions?

I’m not suggesting you become like a robot.  There’s a million blog posts on controlling emotions, but here’s the key difference.

The key to controlling your motions is managing your expectations and maintaining your current view of reality as it relates to your overall vision, mission and purpose.   So sure, it’s exciting when a new client MIGHT sign up, but they are part of you reaching your goals, PART, not whole.  In sales, it’s often a numbers game.  To maintain your composure, you should focus on the end result and let the “top of the hill feeling” be related to the celebration, not the “what if.”

What about you?  Do you have any suggestions for controlling your emotions?

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