How To Find God’s Purpose In Your Career

For years I lived in quiet desperation hoping God would call me to something greater than just an entrepreneur. It wasn't until I shifted my focus that I found His purpose in my work.
How To Find God's Purpose In Your Career

A while ago, I was sitting at a table with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and top executives.   In a room of six and seven-figure earners, we are all there to discuss Godly leadership and how collectively we could potentially help each other grow spiritually and professionally.  The small talk dies down as one of the members of the table starts talking.   This man was a c-suite level executive in one of the world’s largest companies.   Almost everyone in the room was envious of his leadership position.  If only we had his position, then we could make a difference.   Even with all his position and income, this person was struggling with one key issue that we were all struggling with.  He lacked a sense of purpose at work.

In his role, he oversaw thousands of people and made decisions that would affect millions directly and indirectly.  However, the one thing he lacked was a sense of purpose, how could that be?   Like us, he knew God didn’t call him to be a Pastor but couldn’t see God’s will in his position.

As he talked, there were underlying questions that tugged at my mind. Does my work really matter? Is there any true life-giving work in business? Am I essentially only working to bring money into the church? Are the only people making a difference in the nonprofit sector?  How do I remove this feeling of quiet desperation?

Of Kings And Priests

The typical Sunday message goes something like this. God calls some to be Kings and others to be Priests. Priests are the ones that do the serving, teaching and general caring part of the ministry. Kings go out and work and bring money into the storehouse.

I’m here to tell you that these are not mutually exclusive. While there is often a clear distinction between those called to full-time ministry and… those called to full-time missions. (See what I did there? If you didn’t catch it, we are ALL called to the mission field). God has given us different talents and gifts. If you can capture the bigger vision of this type of message than it can bring you joy. Biblically the message is sound, Kings and Priests worked hand in hand in the old testament and now you are called to fill both roles in different contexts in the age of the new.

The key is recognizing that God calls you a King (or Queen).   You are His sons and daughters, co-heirs with Christ, once you have that understanding you can start acting like a Kingdom Leader.

Know Who And Whose You Are

You have to rid yourself of that self-image that measures your value by what social media says you are, by what your parents called you, or by what your friends said you are. It’s time to see what the truth is and step into what it means to be a king or queen.  Even if you don’t agree completely with everything you read, understand that you are a King or Queen regardless of whether you feel you are or not.  Regardless of your current career position.

If you’ve accepted the adoption into God’s family, God has called you His sons and daughters, brother and sisters to Jesus the King. Just based on family ties alone we are royalty.

If you’re reading this then I can imagine right now you’ve got a little voice telling you things.

“I’m not a king, I just work at IBM.” or “I’m a professor at the local college, I’m not a King.”   This is just 2 examples of things I’ve actually heard.   God says a lot about us, in fact, my most popular post on this site is the “I am affirmations” from the Bible.

Being a kingdom leader isn’t about your title, but it is about your position. Your position in the Kingdom. It’s really as easy as answering this question.

Are you a child of God ready to conquer the mission He made you for?

You can’t accept this adoption half-heartedly. This is for those that wish to see their influence grow and to go from successful endeavors to a significant mission.

In order to step in your Kingly calling, you must understand whose you are. You are God’s and He is yours. To truly live, you must submit everything. Only then will you be able to carry out His will for your life.

Before we move on it’s worth recapping your first criteria to understand your purpose. The reason I want to invest so much time in this piece is that it’s the foundation of everything. Until you understand whose you are and how valuable you are to the King, you’ll never fully grasp the value of the mission.

  • You’re adopted by the King of the universe – you’re essentially a crown prince – a co-regent or co-king. (Galatians 4:4-7, Romans 8:17)
  • Your King has delegated authority and power to you. (John 14:12, Acts 1:8)

Work Unto The Lord

Unless you immediately worked in your dream role the chances are good you’ve had a job that you didn’t like or perhaps wasn’t suited for you.  Even as a lifelong entrepreneur I’ve had elements of a business and jobs that I didn’t like.  What I’ve found is that God rarely moves and I rarely get anywhere I want to go when I’m pouting and upset about life not being fair.  Instead, I have to be excellent where I am and work unto the Lord.

And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.Colossians 3:17 NLT

For a second forget about the title of your job and think about the kingdom you are a part of.   Would you feel differently if the President or some world leader came to you personally and asked you to work this job for a short time?  That’s exactly what’s happened.   You’re currently working and leading.   You’re influencing others every day whether you realize it or not.   It’s time to be intentional.

If you aren’t a leader by title, be a leader by actions.   Be the example of excellence in your workplace first.

Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

Don’t judge where you are going by where you are now.  The humility it takes to be excellent in a job you’re unhappy with may very well be the leadership skill needed for the next season of your life.

You’ll discover your purpose in your career the moment you let go of your goals and dreams and grab hold of His.



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