How to Prioritize Your Life


There’s a lot written and said about priorities in life. In fact, any self-help book worth the paper it was written on will cover something about prioritization of your life, tasks or something in general .   Unfortunately, most mistake priorities as a mantra.

In my real estate business I have a set of core values that proclaim our priorities.  God, Family, then business.  This sounds really cute and upstanding.   Unfortunately for me, many of the years and even some times now, this mantra is simply that.  Yet another goal in a long line of goals that are being sought to achieve.  In many cases, we accept a goal that is never achievable because we love the progress.   Self improvement is this way, your goal is to improve yourself but there’s no stopping point.  You make progress you are rewarded by looking back.   Many buy into prioritizing their life as the same thing.  Something like time blocking – “I’ll keep trying and at least I’m better off then I would be if I didn’t.”

Prioritization is a more like a COVENANT with yourself than a commitment or contract.  It’s something that should ORDER your life and ultimately ease your life.   So what does that look like.

Here’s mine, please share yours below…

My priorities are:

  1. God
  2. Wife
  3. Kids
  4. Other Family
  5. Close Friends
  6. Business Activities
  7. Church Activities
  8. Neighborhood Acquaintances

It’s actually really muddy past the first 3.  Putting it down on paper at least once is very useful as most people rarely think about it let alone write it down.  Writing it down allows you develop a plan on how to deal with things.   Next time, I’ll go personal and show you what my priorities look like on a daily basis.

What’s your priority list?  Use the comments to share them. 



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