It Starts With Your Work


It starts with your work.  

It could start anywhere, but let’s face it, most of your adult life at least 1/3 of it is spent “working.”  I’ve found that this is the easiest place to create and form habits.   For many years, I used to complain and whine about being in real estate.  As a result I was very sarcastic and cynical about everything, especially those things related to real estate.  Just over a year ago, I decided that if I wanted to be used in a great way by God, that I must become usable… be an example of excellence.  So I started trying my best to be the best.  I give God all the glory for the grace to do the things I have, but ever since that decision, I’ve seen our company grow in leaps and bounds.   We’ve doubled our team size and the number of sales as well.

What happened next, I did not expect…

I noticed that I would do things at home that I did not expect.  At first it was just frustration, needing to clean, needing to hang out with the family.  Those items were not excellent in and of themselves in the event.  However, striving for excellence was not just becoming a work habit (like checking e-mail) but rather a life habit.  I was pausing to listen more, taking more time with my kids, my wife.   That’s not what is surprising…

I found myself DESIRING to be more “excellent” at home.

This is counter to what I originally thought would work.  I thought my motivation of God and family was enough.  It’s funny how something I loathed so greatly (the lack of a “true” calling) is the very thing that is producing fruit in my life.

My question to you, is where are you in your walk to find your calling and what’s holding you back from being excellent?

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