It’s Not About Me


I just updated my “About” page and I thought I’d share my story.

Here’s an excerpt:

During college I searched all over the for the only Truth that is known.  At this time I didn’t really find it but I did find Sythan.  This one person (my wife) taught me more about love, compassion and life in general than any other person I know.    Fast forward almost 11 years and we’re married with 2 kids.  We attended a class atVictory World Church called Married4Ever because I thought at that time I was going to teach this class (big ole’ lol).  It was here that I learned that I truly had “fire insurance” but no real relationship with Jesus and that by putting him first and Sythan 2nd in my life, things would begin to make sense.  This was not a fast process, but it has definitely been worthwhile.

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