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Kingdom Driven Leader

Discover how to go from successful endeavors to a significant mission and to see your influence grow

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Kingdom Preparations

Before there were kings in the Bible, there were leaders. In almost every case, there was a season of preparation.

Characteristics Of A King

Every Biblical king had some measure of these characteristics, while Jesus had them all.

Kingdom Legacy

Great kings and Christ were intentional abou their growth in influence with an eternity-focused mission.

Traps Of The Enemy

Temptations like pride, lust, and envy aren’t unique in and of themselves, but they do present themselves in unique ways to leaders

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Author spotlight

Joshua Jarvis is a Jesus follower, husband, father, and leadership nerd. His 20 years of entrepreneurship shine in his latest book about missional leadership. He believes that missional marketplace leaders can change the world. When he’s not writing, journaling, taking notes, or thinking about writing, he can be found traveling with his wife and two children.

Joshua Jarvis

Readers say

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It was a very refreshing read and I’d recommend it to anyone who wonders what impact they could have in their role at work and anyone who desires to leave a lasting impact on the world with how they spend their time day to day.

Molly Wilcox

It’s obvious that Joshua Jarvis is passionate about these principles. This book reads like a primer on discipleship in many ways. How do we live as disciples of Jesus in this world? In many of the ways that Jarvis lays out in this book. There are personal examples that connect these principles to practical life which Jarvis shares freely out of his own life.

John Gibson

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