One Simple Key To Sales Success

When you only have one simple key to sales success it’s really hard to tease it up, so here it is.

Setting Expectations. 

expectationsThat’s it, you can go home.

After someone “knows you, likes you and trusts you” you have a shot at earning their business.  Your job isn’t over at this juncture, you have to deliver the goods.  Most sales professionals are great at starting but awful at finishing (I speak from personal experience).  The tendency is to over promise and under deliver which basically can be summed up by failing to meet expectations.

What I have found to be especially true in my business is that setting expectations and then meeting or exceeding those expectations not only produces happy clients, but makes everyone’s job easier.  On a short sale, we’ll typically tell the buyer’s agent, the seller and everyone involved about our usual timeline and typically what the bank will do.  We always give worst case scenarios.   This kind of information sets up all the parties involved for a situation they will be happy.  If things go horribly wrong, they at the very least “expected” it and are not surprised.

Leadership is all about setting expectations.  A frustrated team is usually one where the team has not had expectations clearly described.  That’s why we think Leadership is so closely tied to sales. 

What do you think about this key?

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