Real Estate Is A Lesson In Hard-Easy

Bad Real Estate Photo or Faulty Structural Issues

My friend Beau Henderson, likes to talk about the Hard, Easy.   It’s the simple concept of doing the work upfront so that work later on is easier.  In other words, it’s similar to Dave Ramsey’s saying, “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.”

Here’s a video of Beau talking about this concept.

Real Estate is a lot like this in many regards.  Most home owners, take the easy road of simply selecting the first real estate agent that comes along (80% of the homeowners choose the 1st real estate agent they talk to).  They don’t do the hard work of making sure the person that is selling their home is actually qualified and has their best interest at heart.  Selling a home is a six or seven figure decision in many cases and although the cost of the average salesperson is going to be roughly the same, the average salesperson is frankly, below average.

That brings me to the other side of the equation.  Why are real estate agents as a whole, typically below average?  

It’s because they don’t spend the time and energy in the beginning setting themselves up to run a business.  Many are excited about the commission dollars they make by hanging out with friends and looking at homes.  In many cases, they simply had a bad experience and instead of discovering that real estate is a business just like any other by interviewing agent when they bought a house, they “ASSUME” that real estate is an easy career simply because their poor judegement led them into a situation to be helped by a subpar agent.

Reminds me of the story of the 3 little pigs.  It always makes sense to take the time to plan and do some of the hard work upfront so that later your job is easier.

The joke Beau and I share is the statement, that we’ll be 40 year overnight successes.

What are you doing that’s HARD right now, so you can get to the good stuff?


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