The Greatest Leadership Challenge


Most business owners would agree that their primary responsibility is to generate sales or opportunities for their company to succeed.  This may be their primary function but it’s not their greatest challenge.

I’ve found as a business owner that my biggest challenge is not generating leads or opportunities.  My overall greatest challenge is leadership.  It’s an ongoing skill that needs to be constantly honed and re-evaluated.

One of the challenges inside of leadership is locating talent.  Everyone has talent on some level, but the jobs I have available might not play to their strengths.  It took them many years, but Keller Williams continues to innovate in the real estate industry by teaching their agents a process called Recruit-Select.  Most agents are good at recruiting, it’s a natural sales skill, but selecting the right candidate is much more difficult.

Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership talks about the hiring process as well.  In both references they suggest 4 or more interviews for each candidate.   Who knew this was part of beign an entreprenuer?

My question to you is?  How do you find and know talent for your team?  What’s your process?

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