9 Misquoted Bible Verses Taken Out of Context

Explore the truth behind 9 commonly misquoted Bible verses in our latest blog post. Discover the original context and meaning often overlooked in today’s sound bite culture, and learn how to approach these scriptures with a more informed perspective.

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what is transactional leadership

What Is Transactional Leadership

Surprisingly, transactional leadership might be the style that’s most needed today.   In our remote workspaces and agile teams, transactional leadership offers clear goals and boundaries.    Before we go further, let’s define transaction leadership, then unpack the good parts that we might want to add to our own leadership style. 

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What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

Let’s face it, we’re not going to convince strangers of anything life changing on social media.  Instead of fostering loving conversations, these platforms are often used to spout out judgmental rhetoric without recourse.  That’s not Christian like. We’ve drifted so far from what Christians are supposed to do, we look more like the religious pharisees than anything Christ-like. So, today I ask, What does it mean to be a Christian?

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masterpiece (1)

I Am A Masterpiece Created By God

Calling yourself a masterpiece feels a bit strange. However, the Bible is pretty clear that we were planned, handcrafted and that we have a purpose. While we might not feel perfect, God sees us differently. Let’s examine how He sees us.

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Stop Trying To Find Your Life’s Purpose

I spent the better part of my life trying to figure out why God made me.  However, often I’d be obsessive even to the point of depression that I could not figure out what I’m supposed to be doing.   I’d ask, “how will God use me?”  For me, I had to realize that “purpose” was not synonymous with value.  Our value isn’t determined by what we do!  Our value is determined by what Jesus did. However, if our ultimate purpose is to worship God, then how do we do that practically?

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5 Reasons Leaders Are Leaving The Church

My intent isn’t to persecute the church.  I’m a part of the church body as well!  Instead, I’m simply pleading that we humbly examine our Sunday routines and see if there is any truth to the claims. 

Every church worship experience should be like planning a wedding.  We get the opportunity to worship the one true living God.  He has a relationship with us and not only do we get to sing and learn more about Him at church, but He also delights in it.   Every service isn’t going to always hit this lofty thought of authentic spirit-led worship.  However, there is nothing stopping us (the church) from dropping our pride and approaching worship with authenticity.

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What It Means To Be a Helpmeet

They say that church attendance is 65% women and even a larger percentage are the volunteers. Is that what the Bible meant when God called Eve a “helpmeet?” I’ve never heard a message from the pulpit that described what a helpmeet was supposed to be. I decided to take my 21st century mindset and look at a word that frankly, I suspected as being mistranslated.

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31 Biblical I Am Affirmations Of Who You Are In Christ

What you say matters, but what you say to yourself may matter most. In leadership, the toughest person to lead is yourself. If you don’t settle your identity in Christ it can make that task infinitely more tough.  A self-spoken pep talk is beneficial but Tony Robbins didn’t create affirmations, I dare say God did.    Long before we had the word, we had the Word and God literally breathed us into existence with His Word. 

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How To H.E.A.R. God’s Voice

We all go through seasons in our walk with Christ. Some of those seasons can be compared to the wilderness when God is silent. However, is He ever really silent or did His presence just move? Is He really just prompting you to follow Him? Find out one way (of many) that you could potentially break out of this silence and listen to what He has to say to you today.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Man

What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

The secular world is trying to define manhood.  The world shows us conflicting images of what it wants a man to be.  It’s no wonder that we’re dealing with problems as a society when it comes to identity. What does the Bible say about what it means to be a man?

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What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

Everywhere you look leadership is the one thing needed most by our society, yet people often disqualify themselves as a leader before they even know what it means to be one. True leadership is more than just a measure influence and followers.

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How Should Christians Respond To Politics

Elections can sometimes bring the worst out in people. As Christians we’re called to love and not hate, but how can we do this effectively in this divisive climate? This issue is beyond whether you agree with a candidates politics.  If you’re this upset about the election that it’s causing you to lash out against your “friends” then maybe it’s time to check your heart. Let’s dive in.

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Find The Job You Love

How To Find A Job You Love

We tend to extract too much identity from our jobs.   That being said we’re spending between a fourth and a third of our lives caught up in work.   We struggle to maintain the priorities of God and family with work.  Work, however, is often the vehicle God uses to provide for our families and fund the work in the Kingdom.   The ultimate key to finding a job you love is knowing yourself. 

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Wisdom For Graduates

What do you say to a graduate other than I’m proud of you? Here are 6 pieces of wisdom for graduates straight from the Bible and the “school of life.”

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Psalm 27: God’s Embrace

I’m like a young child that thinks they know everything but really have no idea.  This psalm of David reminds me that what I need to do is slow down and patiently wait for God’s embrace.

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Is Jesus All We Need?

Is Jesus all we need or does the world actually need more than Jesus? The answer is yes. In order to answer the question, we’ll look at how Jesus fulfills our needs through the classic psychology theory of American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and compare that to scripture.

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