What does it mean to be a Kingdom Leader?

What Is Kingdom Leader

One of my passions is businesses that have a kingdom mission. Businesses that are designed to generate enormous profit and create an enormous kingdom impact. Recently I interviewed business owners and leaders running businesses that are making an impact.  There is a saying that “success leaves clues” and I found that to be true.  The question I asked them, is what does it mean to be a Kingdom Leader.   In other words, what does mean to be a person with a mission to expand the kingdom of God through the workplace?

As I began to solicit opinions from friends and business people alike. What I found was that their responses were uncannily similar to what I had discovered through researching the Bible as well as studying non-biblical Kings. Unaware of what I was doing (the research) my associates gave their answers freely.

Here’s what I found out.   In every case where a business leader was Kingdom Focuses, they had similar answers.  These answers always matched the Bible.   In other words, if they were acting on something they “felt God asked them to do” they could back it up with the Word.

One of those friends is Jace Rabe.  Jace runs a business in Benin, Africa that processes cashews. Jace represents most closely the word, kingdom driven leader, running a mission driven business. You’d be hard-pressed to find a man that loves the Lord more than Jace and has impacted an entire nation. When I asked him how he’d define a king, I started to see how almost universal these ideas were. Here’s what he said.

  • A kingdom leader is someone who recognizes the supreme authority of Christ and is submitted to that authority.  (David, Hezekiah)
  • A kingdom leader takes discerned risks by sowing in new directions and in unplanted fields with the goal of bringing in an increase for the Kingdom. (David, Solomon)
  • They are explicit and intentional in expanding the Kingdom by focusing on the areas that maximize his returns that grow the Kingdom in terms of resources, land, influence, and power. (David, Solomon, Jehoshaphat)
  • A kingdom leader recognizes his human limits and develops his people by entrusting them and empowering them to take responsibility and ownership in the Kingdom they are growing together. AKA Servant Leader (Solomon, Hezekiah)
  • A true kingdom leader has advisers everywhere but understands that God has placed him in this position of authority thus he makes all decisions at the throne of God.” (Solomon, Hezekiah)

If you were to study the Biblical kings of the old testament you’d find that these match up.   Every king that the Bible calls good recognized the God as the supreme power and although they faltered at times, they were devout at key points of their rulership.

To find out more about Jace
Check out www.beyondthenut.com and  www.projectsforprogress.com

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