Which Items Are Most Important On Your To-Do List?

rtmAt least 2/3rds of you read that and thought internally, “What ‘to-do’ list?”  Studies indicate that only 1/3rd of business professionals use any kind of to-do or planner of any kind.  Less than 8% of those actually do those items that are on there with any sort of conviction.   It doesn’t take a leadership expert like John Maxwell or Steven Covey to explain the importance of having a plan.  This is quite possibly beating a dead horse by even bringing it up.

So I thought it’d be interesting to see what’s ON your to-do list.  Since you are an over achiever already.  Do you put small tasks that cover the minutia of the day, such as returning calls, sending e-mails?  Are you more strategic and a bigger picture thinker, “Work on XYZ project?”

My guess is you’re likely a little of both if you do it at all.  The real question is Which Items are most important AND when are you going to do them?

The answer actually is very simple but hard to do for most people.

The average executive does the small things before 11AM so there can be a sense of accomplishment. Many then let the day of following catch up to them and never get to the big rock.

That’s why there’s a sales saying of “Eat that frog”  – it’s the one thing that matters on your schedule but usually the hardest task.  Just block the time out and do it… don’t be tempted by distractions.  Thing of how exciting your day is going to be if you take that on first!

What’s that ONE thing that you need to do today or everyday to make it work?  (I’m going comment on my own post, but would love it if you did as well!)

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