I am because I am

I am

From being passionately loved to standing fearless in the face of adversity — these 31 affirmations of Biblical truths are both timeless and transformative.



31 Chapters Of

  1. Biblically Based Affirmation
  2. Foundational Scripture
  3. Anecdotal Story Supporting Affirmation
  4. Alternative or Deeper Affirmations
  5. Key Points From Scripture To Reinforce Affirmation
  6. Further Scriptural References Supporting Affirmation
  7. Notes Section For Personal Reflection
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Author spotlight

Joshua Jarvis is a Jesus follower, husband, father, and leadership nerd. Author of Kingdom Driven Leader, his 20 years of entrepreneurship shine. He believes that missional marketplace leaders can change the world. When he’s not writing, journaling, taking notes, or thinking about writing, he can be found traveling with his wife and two children.

Joshua Jarvis

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