It's Not About Me

I created this website for you and for Him.  I am and would be nothing without Jesus.  Once I learned about how to build a relationship with the one true living God and that He actually meets you where you are, I was hooked.  Every day I wake up, read His Word and try to spend quiet time with Him.  During that time I have “A ha!” moments.  It’s these moments I share with you.  If they help you then it’s all God.  If they are dumb or irrelevant, then I must have been talking to myself.

If You’re Still Reading…

My Story

Short Version:  I’m just a man that loves Jesus, loves my family and love helping others achieve the success they are desiring.

Longer Version:  I grew up just south of Atlanta, GA in a town called “Forest Park.”  Actually, it was more like East Point or Morrow because we could walk to Southlake mall, but that’s only for those that know the area.  I attended GA Tech and was raised by a single Mom.  My neighborhood and friends were diverse and I’m keeping this short and sweet for your sake.  It can be safe to say that any success I have is a direct gift from God.  My only goals in life were to be a big powerful (mean) CEO or a mob boss.

During college, I searched all over the for the only Truth that is known.  At this time I didn’t really find it but I did find Sythan.  This one person (my wife) taught me more about love, compassion, and life in general than any other person I know.    After a few years of marriage we found a churchWe attended a class at Victory World Church called Married4Ever because I thought at that time I was going to teach this class (big ole’ lol).  It was here that I learned that I truly had “fire insurance” but no real relationship with Jesus and that by putting him first and Sythan 2nd in my life, things would begin to make sense.  This was not a fast process, but it has definitely been worthwhile.


Let’s rewind to 2002 when the dot com bubble was in effect.  I was coming back from my honeymoon and was told that I don’t have to show up for my job as a “Internet Specialist” that day… or ever again.  I got my real estate license to pass the time while looking on, elance and other places.  I started helping clients find homes and that was 10 years ago.

I don’t know if my calling is real estate, most days it doesn’t feel that way. I do know that I am called to glorify God in my work, so that pushes me to strive for excellence.

It’s my hope that after reading this you will be inspired to not only success in business, but significance.