Hire Me To Speak At Your Event


My greatest desire in life is to give God the glory by serving others.  When you hire me to speak at your event, I want to serve you and your company and the audience.

About My Experience

I had a 15+ year career in real estate and for at least 9 of those years I’ve been in the top 10%.  I’ve taken all that I have learned from approaching problem solving like an engineer (I’m a Georgia Tech Grad) into running a successful business that specializes in Leadership Training that just happens to sell real estate.  I’ve spoken and trained on topics inside of real estate related to leadership, networking, motivation and technology.

Outside of my professional career I’ve also spoken to other groups about leadership and networking.  For 3 years ran the Chateau Elan BNI group, which I founded.  The group grew to 40 members and routinely had over 150 attendees to our events.  As the “President” my job was to speak at every event.   

Most Popular Topics

  • Networking With Intention – Most salespeople understand that networking is essential to business, but most don’t do it intentionally.  In this presentation, I go over the keys to networking with intention and how to predict success from one of the most fun ways to generate new business opportunities.
  • The 4 Pillars of Success – There are 4 pillars to my success that I share with attendees that have changed my life.  In this presentation, I will cover these 4 pillars and a few “false” ones.
  • Top 10 Lead Generation Techniques – I’m known as a lead generation machine.  In this presentation, I dissect 10 ways to generate leads for salespeople.  This can be customized for the individual audience.