Sales Is The Art Of Leadership

salesleadershipAt Jarvis Team Realty, we’re hiring.  It’s funny when you interview candidates for a sales position you get all kinds of interpretations of the job.   In particular, the most common response is that sales is a necessary evil and sometimes a 5 letter “curse” word.  It’s sad that there’s so many people who look at sales in this manner.

Sales is the art of leadership.  

John Maxwell says that leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less.  Henry Ford says that sells is the art of transferring feeling about something.  Do you think your Pastor is a used car salesman for passionately influencing your spiritual life?  When your family convinces you to buy something, are they slimeballs? (well not always, right?)

Most people would say that any example I would give would fall into 2 categories.  Sales that directly benefit the sales person (selling a good) and sales that indirectly effect the sales person (the pastor).  It’s those direct sales that get most people.  Retail purchase sales in particular.

Why do we feel like salespeople are sleezy then?

Unmet Expectations

Somewhere down the line either the sales person failed to set the proper expectations or the customer failed to believe the reality, but whatever the case, in all aspects of leadership, the success and failure often falls on their shoulders.

What are you passionately Selling?  How are you managing expectations?

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