Bench Viewing Lake Thankful during Thanksgiving

I’ve been writing in a paper “journal” and doing affirmations in the morning to “improve my attitude.”  Nothing comes close to intimate time with God.  Here’s what I was writing this morning and thought I would share.

No number of affirmations will correct behavior or attitude without action.  It’ll be fake action – going through the motions – without an unsubmitted heart to Jesus.  Being grateful though is a state of change, however.  It’s easy to complacent in your gratefulness.

This year we’ve had many answered prayers that have gone unnoticed.

  • We now have close Godly friends to challenge us
  • Our bills are paid and we are able to save and give
  • Our kids are healthy and excelling in school – and more importantly are becoming children with integrity
  • Even our jobs have become more purposeful

What is my vision for 5 years from now?  I hate that I don’t have any other answer then a monetary one.  I want what God wants, but I don’t always know what he wants.  There’s a cloud, a mystery that won’t unravel but stays stuck the longer I stay think about it.  The vision, the dream is out there, not here, it’s in giving, not taking, in submitting not conquering.

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