What Priorities Look Like Daily


Last time we talked about Priorities.  For me, the priorities were always just a saying that was God, Family and then business.  It wasn’t until I tried to live it out that I got the results I was looking for in my life.

God’s first so I know the Word also says, “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God…”  so when I wake up I read the Word, Pray, think on things – usually in terms of what I am thankful for.  Everyday I do this for the most part.  The reality is that some days I feel like I’m checking a box, but He is first and I strive for that.  Putting God first means I’m going to make the conscience decision to not watch or listen to things that would pull me away from this relationship.  It’s important to me.  I also understand this means I need to trust Him, that if I am following His Word then things work out.

What’s happened? – The relationship is real, more intense. The trust has grown and the provision has as well.

My beautiful Wife comes “second” in my life.  She’s the most important person on the planet to me.  This one is where your priorities really hit the ground.  This means that if she has some input on my business for better or worse, it’s weighted even more heavily than some guru or “coach.”  It means that if she needs helps or doesn’t want me to work past a certain time, I rearrange my life to do that.  I’m not a lap dog, but I understand what God’s Word says… I’m supposed to serve her.  I don’t buy the lie that overworking to “provide” is actually service.  No, time  is the most precious thing you have, so that means spending time with her.  So I work as hard as possible, follow Godly principles then know that I’m provided for.   So I work until 5:30PM not because I want a “cushy” schedule, but rather because that’s honoring her and the kids with my time.

My most valued human relationship is ever-growing and improving.  A far cry from where we were headed until I learned this lesson.

I could go on to kids.  Since this comes before business I started to no longer work weekends.  I gave up a radio show on the weekend as well to be there with the kids.

One side note is about the Church.  A lot of Christians say, “God, Family, Business” but put the Church ahead of their family.  That’s not right.  God is not the Church.  You are supposed to love the Church, serve, worship and praise at the Church, but I don’t believe God would ever put a Church or Ministry activity that would put a strain on your God-given human relationship.

So what are your priorities and how does this play out in your life?

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