I’ve been writing in a paper “journal” and doing affirmations in the morning to “improve my attitude.”  Nothing comes close to intimate time with God.  Here’s what I was writing this morning and thought I would share.

No number of affirmations will correct behavior or attitude without action.  It’ll be fake action – going through the motions – without an unsubmitted heart to Jesus.  Being grateful though is a state of change, however.  It’s easy to complacent in your gratefulness.

This year we’ve had many answered prayers that have gone unnoticed.

  • We now have close Godly friends to challenge us
  • Our bills are paid and we are able to save and give
  • Our kids are healthy and excelling in school – and more importantly are becoming children with integrity
  • Even our jobs have become more purposeful

What is my vision for 5 years from now?  I hate that I don’t have any other answer then a monetary one.  I want what God wants, but I don’t always know what he wants.  There’s a cloud, a mystery that won’t unravel but stays stuck the longer I stay think about it.  The vision, the dream is out there, not here, it’s in giving, not taking, in submitting not conquering.

Bible In 90 Days Lessons

BibleI recently completed the Bible In 90 Days “plan” from YouVersion.  To be honest it took me 100+ days, but I did finish the entire thing by reading around an hour or two a day.   It was an experience that I will repeat, just not this year.  I recommend every believer do this as soon as possible because… (more…)

Can You Lead Outside Your Sweet Spot?

Earlier this year I had the privilege of hosting Heroic Event.  One of the speakers there Kene Iloenyosi discussed Finding Your Sweet Spot, based on the book he wrote with the same name.   My question was, can you lead others when you aren’t in your sweet spot.

The short answer is of course yes, people teach others when they haven’t fully mastered it yet.  In fact, the road to mastery is often found in teaching, oddly enough.  It’s only through teaching that people will put themselves in another’s shoes to see the entire picture of the subject being taught.  If leadership is influence and influence has to do with relationships, then having clarity is more important then just being Passionate, Interested and Talented.  However, when combined with the sweet spot, Leadership can take people to new heights.  John Maxwell is a great example.  A talented, passionate and interested leader was made better when he dived into teaching leadership and actually leading others through leadership.

If you haven’t seen Kene’s Video or talk about “Finding Your Sweet Spot” it’s below, worth the 8 minutes.  If you like his talk, you’ll love his book! 

Millionaire Mindset


I recently took a class on Luxury Home Marketing and they spent a great deal covering the clientele that purchases luxury homes (in Atlanta that’s anything over $500K).

What struck me was the interesting facts that was reminiscent of a Dave Ramsey episode or “The Millionaire Next Door.”

The Average Millionaire falls has the following

  • Has a Household income of roughly $145,000
  • Saves around 20%
  • Married for most of their adult life to the same spouse
  • Has 2 children.

After learning this, it hit me.  We should all have a millionaire mindset.  Sure we might not be able to have that kind of income but we can strive to save 20%, stay married and have or adopt children.  When you look at God’s plan for most of our lives, these 3 characteristics are very Godly, they represent being good stewards and the relationship with your spouse and children teach you so much about God’s love for us and our relationship that, hey! Now I want everyone to act like a Millionaire.

Heroic Experience

HElogoBack in February we had Heroic Event and wanted to share with you the experience.
Not a single person told me it was a good event…
Are you kidding me? I can’t think of an event outside of a spiritual setting that has received this kind of feedback.
Finally, can I tell you a story? (more…)