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Just Do It. (nike)For many years I’ve thought I had this special gift for ideas.  I love coming up with new ideas and ways to do things.  I just love to figure things out.   That’s it, there’s nothing else to this gift.   Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who have this “gift.”  The more I age, the more of these people I meet.  In fact, in retrospect, I’ve met so many of these people that it’s hardly a “gift” anymore.

Over the years, I’ve used the words “Visionary,” “Leader,” and even Scientist, Inventor or Engineer has come up.

The “world” has some different names for these people with this “gift.”

Pre-Teenage Years – Daydreamer
Teenage Years – Smart @$$
Young Adult Years – Opinionated, or Hard Headed
Middle Aged – Spaceball, blowhard, loser,

Need I go on?

It’s not that there is inherently anything wrong with dreaming. In fact, I think it’s noble and a great way to pass idle time.

The key here is not to demean dreamers (I’m in that bunch), it’s to key in that the key to being a successful dreamer, a Visionary, a “Steve Jobs” is to actually do it.  As Seth Godin mentions, it’s time to “SHIP.”   Most consultant entrepreneurs fail to ever capture this essence, it’s in the DOING that dreams can become real.  Don’t just “think” on it, DO it.

I have a great series of posts on Guy Kawasaki and why every consultant should be reading his material, but instead of doing it I’m waiting for the right time, the right book launch, the moment I get a few minutes with him, etc.  I can’t sit on my rear end, I need to just do what I can and MOVE FORWARD.

The success is in the doing, not the dreaming, not the planning.

Oh, and your idea isn’t even all that original.  Chances are if it’s a good idea, there are others already thinking it and some doing it.  (Note: 322,000 blog posts about Guy already).  The reality is that very, very, very, very, very few actual DO IT and follow-through (only 17,000 mention the word consultant).

Do it, implement it, take it on.  If you fail at least you tried.  Don’t die a daydreamer.


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