Why The Marriage Covenant Is So Important

The marriage covenant is often misunderstood or overlooked. However, it could be the most powerful concept in the Bible if properly understood. Once grasped, the language of marriage is easy to see throughout the Bible and is most prevalent in the words of Jesus.

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A Leader’s Response To Racism

What do you do as a Christian leader when the problem is so big that you don’t do anything at all to stop it? God’s not called us to stop it, He’s called us to move so that He can do the work. It’s the practical nature of that move that I want to talk about today.

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What’s the difference between a covenant and a contract

The word covenant means more than you think it does. Although there are similarities between a contract and a covenant they are nothing alike. One says, “I will,” vs, “If you.” One says, “I Promise,” vs, “You agree.” One is forever and the other limited by time and easily terminated.

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How To Heal The Father Wound

Father wounds cause us to have a distorted view of our heavenly Father.  We tend to view our Heavenly Father through the lens created by our earthly father.  Healing that wound is the first step toward truly understanding and receiving His love.

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7 Ways To Fight And Overcome Negative Thoughts

Whether we’ve been affected by the virus, hornets, storms or earthquakes or not, the constant barrage of information and propaganda is draining our mental batteries.  However, these experiences aren’t new, and the Bible gives us some clear instructions on how to fight and overcome negative thoughts.

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What Is Truth?

Every day that goes by introduces a new day filled with news and press conferences. Fake news & corrupt leaders make us wonder, “what is truth?”  There is one truth that hasn’t changed.  If you’re willing, it can be your compass to the truth.

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Parenting In The Storm

Raising kids during a storm is no different than outside the storm.   Instead of looking at this storm as a negative, let’s seize the opportunity to spend more time parenting and building relationships with our children. Let’s use this time to craft arrows.

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Leadershift (1)

6 Things Leaders Must Do In A Changing Market

The market is always moving, but in 2020 we have the rare opportunity to make decisions to shift now. Every leader must do these 6 things in order to shift with the changing market. The leaders that do shift, end up with more market share and are in a better position for growth in the future.

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Trusting God in the Wilderness

Welcome to the wilderness.  A time when circumstances seem to be opposed to our “life plan.”  A time when God feels distant or silent.  God uses this wilderness period to refine us like precious metal and to prepare us for our calling, a calling to be Kings and Queens.

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3 Stages Of A Biblically Based Missional Business

3 Stages Of A Biblically Based Missional Business

Going from starting a business to becoming a missional business isn’t easy.  It’s not dissimilar to the same process many describe for the journey of life.   For many, this is just the story of their life, one that strives for success.  However, a few individuals go from success to significance. How does a business do this?

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Don't Worry About Rivals In The Wilderness

Don’t Worry About Rivals In The Wilderness

We face challenges or puzzles in each season of our life.  Often the solution to move forward in this season isn’t going to be the solution that worked last time.  However, it might be something that you earned from the last season that helps you solve this problem.   Each puzzle builds experience for the next one.  The constant challenge and pressure of the game keep us focused on the solution.  

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How To Prioritize Your Life

How to Prioritize Your Life

Prioritization is more like making a covenant with yourself rather than a commitment or contract.  Meaning, it’s unbreakable, there is no negotiation.  There aren’t moments where it’s okay to deviate from the plan.  Priorities are something that should ORDER your life and ultimately make your life choices easier.   So what does that look like?

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Power Of No

The Amazing Super Power Of Saying No

Saying no is difficult for some people and organizations, however, learning to say no can help you harness this superpower to achieve great things. Saying no defines priorities creates value and brings crystal clarity to you or your organization

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All Great Leaders Are Born With This One Thing

Are Great Leaders Born Or Made?

Today I tackle the age-old question, are great leaders born or made? I’ve got a researched backed yet surprising answer for you. I’d love to hear from you what your thoughts are on leadership. Do you think great leaders are born?

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Finding Prophets A Case For Intentional Wise Counsel

Finding Prophets – A Case For Intentional Wise Counsel

Every person has an inner circle around them. The success of their life often is the result of those closest to you. John Maxwell, calls this the “Law of the Inner Circle.” In his book, the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership he says the Law of the Inner Circle is – “A leader’s potential is determined by those closest to him or her.”  One key to your success isn’t a leadership characteristic, it’s actually your relationships.

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